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We believe that 21st century careers and education require a paradigm shift to create 21st century learners and workers; shared decision making and strategic planning are the wave of the future when it comes to organizational success. Our consultation services, in addition to our ready-made and custom-made learning simulations, enable us to empower you and your organization to create an environment where positive and real change can take place.

Educational Consultations

Strategic planning is at the heart of the best that education has to offer. We expect teachers to plan their lessons thoughtfully, but the need for strategic planning exists at the very highest levels of education. With the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum into schools, our experience and expertise will be more useful right now than ever before, as schools find a way to parse these new standards throughout major content areas while keeping up with the daily demands of educational life. Strategic planning takes well-meaning but large ideas and shapes them into attainable objectives and goals, and provides a realistic timeline for each.

Shared decision making is another underutilized but highly effective tool that helps align the educational goals of a community. Very often, administrators and other educational decision makers don’t know where to begin to make shared decision making in schools a reality. That’s where we come in. Through workshops, on-site visits, analysis of needs, and think tanks, we will help you, through our shared decision making and strategic planning expertise, identify, plan and implement goals that everyone in the educational community will not only agree upon, but celebrate. Call or email us today to find out how we can go about helping you find the tools for success and empowerment.

Business Consultations

The same ideas that work for educational strategic planning and shared decision making can help businesses reach new levels of success. Sometimes, organizations don’t fully realize what their goals are; or, once they’ve identified their goals, they don’t know how to make achieve them. Active Learning Consultants can customize our tools to meet your business’ needs. Think tanks, workshops, classes, on-site visits, business needs analyses and more can be used to help you identify and meet both short and long term objectives. Call or email us today to find out how we can go about helping you find the tools for success and empowerment.

Customized Simulations

Simulations are a way to teach students through make-believe scenarios. They’re effective, engaging, and fun. Furthermore, they make it easy to fulfill demands of the Common Core Curriculum because they’re interdisciplinary by nature. However, they’re an awful lot of work to create, but once they’re written, all the educator has to do is facilitate the lesson, and the students more or less learn on their own. We have several in-stock simulations ready for you to buy, but if you can’t find the type of lesson you’re looking for there, we can customize one for you, on any topic, across any content area(s). The teaching possibilities are endless; contact us today to find out how we can start designing a simulation with your educational goals in mind.


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