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Are you ready to use a teaching tool that will launch your teaching to the heights you’ve always hoped to achieve? If you are, then learning simulations are exactly what you should be using in your classroom. We think that simulations are the best way to teach, and you’ll quickly find that it will become your students’ favorite way to learn.

Simulations exemplify student-centered, active-participatory learning. They empower you to impart content knowledge while adhering to common core standards in a way that inspires students’ enthusiasm and sticks with them long after the lesson ends. Plus, they truly do foster critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills in a way that few other teaching techniques can. We know this from experience, and research proves it.

Not sure what a simulation is, exactly? Simulations are really a way of learning through experiential activities. In other words, a simulation engages learners in experiences similar to, if not exactly like, the topic or content you wish to teach.

For example, if you’re teaching students how the stock market works, you’ll have them buy and sell "stocks." Rather than teaching them about the factors that led to the second Iraq War, put the students into the shoes of George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney and other decision makers as they debate whether or not an invasion on Iraq was warranted. The teaching possibilities are endless; simulations can be used to teach just about any topic in any content area, and, because they lend themselves so well to facilitating interdisciplinary learning, one simulation can be used across several content areas simultaneously.

Teaching in this manner requires a lot of planning and thought – which we’ve already done for you. Ultimately, you end up facilitating knowledge that teaches itself once you’ve put the mechanism that we’ve created for you into place. In addition to creating customized simulations for you, we have these simulations in stock and ready for you to buy:

  1. Decision: Iraq
  2. Ups and Downs
  3. Cutthroat
  4. International Cutthroat
  5. Project Utopia

And more ready-to-buy simulations are in the works!

View sample pageView a sample page from simulation Ups and Downs

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