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Richard Bernato, Ed.D

Dr. Bernato, who currently serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Administrative and Instructional Leadership at St. John’s University, has been deeply involved in the world of education for 40 years. His dignified educational career began when he worked as a social studies teacher who ran his school’s Honors Society and Dungeons and Dragons programs while also coaching the football team. It was during these years as a teacher that Dr. Bernato became known for bringing education to life for his students through the use of educational simulations that allowed the students to put themselves into the shoes of the historical figures they studied. Along the way, Dr. Bernato worked as an elementary school principal for many years (where the students put on a production of a play about the alphabet, written by Dr. Bernato himself!). Eventually, Dr. Bernato served as the Assistant Superintendent of the very district where he began as a social studies teacher.

Dr. Bernato has also been an Assistant Dean for Dowling College’s School of Education, as well as an Associate and Adjunct Professor.  He’s a consultant in several school districts throughout New York as well as for the State Education Department. In addition to his Ed.D, he also has  B.A., M.S. and P.D. degrees. His research interests range from school reform and improvement to strategic and shared planning, to curriculum development. Throughout his career, a guiding principle has been Dr. Bernato’s belief that 21st century thinkers are best served by mastering critical thinking skills – this is an ideal that Dr. Bernato’s simulations and curriculum design consultations help make a reality, as opposed to an educational sound bite.

On a personal note, Dr. Bernato has three daughters who have followed in his footsteps by becoming teachers themselves. He also is the proud grandfather to six grandchildren who love books.


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