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Reach True Success by Actively Learning

Active Learning Consultants are dedicated to the idea that organizations often have within them all they need to reach true success, by using their most important resource – the people, and their ideas, their experience, their expertise, their efforts – as a catalyst to empower each other and therefore empower the organization. We also believe that active learning is the best learning, whether you’re a grown-up CEO or a 7th grade social studies student, and that we have a lot to learn from each other, except sometimes, you don’t know how to unearth these abilities. That’s where we come in.

From the Boardroom to the Classroom

The same ideas that drive the best teachers to facilitate the most effective learning in their classrooms can be applied to businesses and other organizations to enable them to reach their collective capacity for success. Both corporations and educational institutions, from the boardrooms to the classrooms and the administrative offices in between, will benefit from utilizing strategies such as shared decision making and strategic planning to not only achieve goals but also to create the roadway to get you there in the most efficient, effective and engaging way possible. We can teach you how to use these tools of empowerment in your own organizations through workshops, think tanks, classes or consultations; we will customize our services to meet your needs.

Simulate Practical Skills

Additionally, we have a variety of teaching simulations that put to use the same skills we’d teach you to use in a corporate boardroom or in a classroom where real, measurable goals need to be met, and measured. These simulations can be customized for any lesson; we also create customized simulations for use in corporate environments.

Whether you want to train your employees to become highly involved strategic thinkers who can help elevate and transform your business, or you want to create a classroom environment where actively participating learners walk away with real-world skills, Active Learning Consultants can help you uncover your goals – which is often half the battle -- and then find a way to meet them, using the tools that you already have within your grasp.

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